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Welcome Cutie!

You were brought here for a reason, let me guess you're a working woman who is tired of looking in the mirror and feeling like screaming from the pressure of getting your shit together. 

My approach to coaching here is very different to the norm, I work on your entire lifestyle as it is not simply my belief but with my years of coaching women around the world that by focusing solely on a set 'fitness and meal plan' without considering the external factors, your efforts will be as always, short-lived.

As women we are beautifully complex, we can not bloom into our best selves if we are not enjoying the process.We work by diving into your personal barriers, uprooting them and discovering which do and do not serve you.

To enjoy the journey is simple. it is to understand and that's what I do here, I educate my clients. It is my pride to transform your body and it is my privilege to see you live that new version of you with confidence but most importantly, to feel peace with your body.

Fragile Pampas
  • Premium Coaching

    Every month
    • Training & Nutrition
    • Personalised to you + your goals
    • Weight, Measurement & Photo Tracking
    • Weekly Check Ins
  • 3 Months Premium Coaching

    Valid for 3 months
    • Weight-Loss Coaching
    • Training & Nutrition Tracking
    • Stress & Sleep Tracking
    • Save 20%
  • 6 Months Coaching Package

    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 Months Training & Nutrition
    • Stress & Sleep Management
    • Weekly Check Ins
    • Five 1-1 Video Calls Included
  • Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    • Platinum Coaching

      Every month
      • 3 Months Coaching

        Valid for 3 months
        • 3 Months Platinum Coaching

          Valid for 3 months
          • 6 Months Coaching

            Valid for 6 months
            • 6 Months Platinum Coaching

              Valid for 6 months
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