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Welcome Future Hottie!

You were brought here for a reason, you're a working woman who is tired of looking in the mirror and feeling like screaming from the pressure of getting your shit together. 

My approach to coaching here is very different to the norm, I work on your entire lifestyle as it is not simply my belief but with my years of coaching women around the world that by focusing solely on a set 'fitness and meal plan' without considering the external factors, your efforts will be as always, short-lived.


As women we are beautifully complex, we can not bloom into our best selves if we are not enjoying the process.We work by diving into your personal barriers, uprooting them and discovering which do and do not serve you.

To enjoy the journey is simple. it is to understand and that's what I do here, I educate my clients. It is my pride to transform your body and it is my privilege to see you live that new version of you with confidence but most importantly, to feel peace with your body.


On a WhatsApp video call together, we are going to discuss your barriers, lifestyle, routine, and most crucial to your success, what type of person you are, how you respond to situations, if you have avoidance issues, if you are an under or over achiever, are you someone who has an all or nothing mindset. It is crucial for me to identify where you stand within my four pillars for long term success. This step is the most important.


At the end of our call together, it is then your opportunity to ask me any questions and from there you will have the decision to join my team. Should you decide, we will begin working as soon as you are ready. Nutrition and step targets you will receive the same day, training you will receive within 32 hours after joining. You will then review your workouts and if there is anything you are not comfortable with, we change. During the first month, changes will be made, the more information that I gather on you with each weekly check-in, the more I can further adapt the four areas of your program to ensure that you are living a healthy, fit lifestyle that you enjoy and with repetition, creates habits and with habits, I can ensure that your weight loss and confidence is not just long term, but for the rest of your life.

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